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Payment data security and compliance infrastructure for modern organizations.

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Very Good Security
Securely collect and use sensitive data without having it ever touch your systems.

Redact sensitive data while keeping your systems completely out of compliance scope.

How VGS and Netlify work together

The Very Good Security (VGS) Plugin on Netlify lets you develop secure forms to collect sensitive data (payment cards, PII, etc.) without ever having private data reside within your servers. The integration streamlines your integration with VGS and Netlify by auto-configuring your VGS vault with the settings required to work with VGS and Netlify.

About VGS

Very Good Security (VGS) is the world’s most trusted platform for protecting payment and identity data. The VGS Vault uses tokenization and unique proprietary proxies to help innovative companies quickly achieve PCI compliance without the burden of handling sensitive data. Developers can add VGS’ powerful security infrastructure to applications with a few lines of flexible code. Backed by Visa, Goldman Sachs, Andreessen Horowitz, and Vertex Ventures, VGS is the platform of choice for more than 700 brands, representing 60% of all U.S. credit card data.

Use Cases

Securely Collect Payment and PII Data

  • Collect and protect payment data and PII and gain customer trust with the VGS plugin for Netlify. The VGS plugin lets anyone build secure forms to collect sensitive data without having sensitive data reside within your (or Netlify's) servers.

PCI Compliance

  • Expedite PCI compliance with the VGS plugin for Netlify by never storing sensitive data. Whether you’re launching a new business that requires PCI certification or managing your own PCI CDE, VGS can help. VGS Zero Data™ Platform allows companies to operate on sensitive data without touching it, accelerating compliances like PCI DSS and helping businesses scale faster.

Optimizing E-commerce Payments

  • With the VGS plugin for Netlify, you can take control of your payments routing without being exposed to sensitive payment data. Choose the most cost-effective PSP to process each transaction, improve the checkout experience for your customers, and increase your top line by lowering payment transaction failure rates.