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VShift launches growth strategies and composable solutions for regulated industry leaders

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About VShift

MACH certified, VShift, works with some of the most recognizable brands in financial services, insurance and healthcare, helping them accelerate growth and advance their digital transformation.

Clients seek VShift out as problem-solving partners who can reliably be counted upon to launch and support new campaigns, brand refreshes, winning experiences, innovation programs and digital products.

VShift and Netlify collaborate on behalf of partners to decouple digital experiences – separating the user (UI) layer from transactional systems – so that digital business leaders can more autonomously go to market without vendor lock-in or dependency specialized IT resources. Having pioneered several composable accelerators, VShift utilizes Netlify as a critical MACH solution stack partner in Accelerator programs.

T. Rowe Price [JumpStart],
DCPL [VShift’s Accelerator],