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A leading global SaaS platform for creating, managing and growing an online presence, providing business and site creation solutions.

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Wix Content Manager Starter
Manage all of your site content using Wix Headless CMS
Wix Pricing Plans Starter
Subscriptions platform to sell packages, memberships and pricing plans
Wix Events Starter
Event management platform to sell tickets and collect RSVPs
Wix Bookings Starter
Manage your bookings, appointments, and calendar with the industry-leading scheduling platform — trusted by 11M+ businesses worldwide
Wix Ecommerce Starter
Get the industry-leading eCommerce platform to run and grow your business online


About Wix

Wix is a leading platform in the creation, management and growth of digital presences. What began as a website builder in 2006 is now a complete platform providing users with enterprise-grade performance, security, and reliable infrastructure. Wix offers a wide range of commerce and business solutions and marketing tools, enabling users to fully own their brand, data, and relationships with their customers.

Wix is committed to continuous innovation and the delivery of new features and products—with a particular focus on expanding its suite of business APIs to meet the unique demands of any business. Developers can rely upon Wix to build a powerful digital presence on their terms.

Easily create, deploy, and manage your headless business solutions with Wix and Netlify.

Use Cases

Wix is great for any business that needs to sell products, services, tickets, and memberships online and to manage and store their content. These business solutions can work together for businesses that require more than one solution for their use case.

Ticketing & RSVP - Great for meetups, conferences, concerts, sports events, parties, weddings and more.

Scheduling Appointments & Bookings Classes - Great for consultants, personal trainers, fitness studios, beauty salons and more.

Ecommerce - Great for selling physical and digital products online.

Subscriptions - Great for gyms, online trainers, educators, content creators and other business owners.

CMS - Great for any business that wants to store and manage their project’s content in one place while enabling others to edit it.

Along with all of these business solutions & use cases Wix offers a variety of Payment methods out-of-the-box as well as additional customer management tools to manage and grow your business.