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Xata is a serverless data platform for modern web applications

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Xata Setup Guide
Deploy your Netlify app built on Xata



Xata provides developers with a scalable, type-safe database with branching and a search-engine built right in. We offer a serverless data platform powered by proven technologies such as PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch.

It is our mission to radically simplify the way developers work with data. We are taking hard data problems, solving them using the industry's best practices, and then offering them to our users in the most easy-to-use way possible.

Xata plugs right into your developer workflow and removes the complexity of managing data at scale, so you can focus on what matters — building the next big thing.

Use Cases

Scalable Database

  • A relational database that’s as simple to use as a spreadsheet. It is powered by an industry proven and battle tested database, PostgreSQL, and automatically scales up and down with your usage.

Engineered for your developer workflow

  • Plug right into your developer workflow with database branches, zero downtime migrations and a git-like experience so you can iterate quickly on your data with confidence. Built in type safety is available through Xata SDKs and our REST endpoint makes it easy to query your data without having to know SQL.

Build powerful search experiences

  • Automatically layered on top of your database is an easily tunable and powerful search engine. Vector embeddings also make it possible to create semantic search and ChatGPT-like experiences in your application.

Low latency on the edge

  • Your data is hosted on an edge network that guarantees minimal latency for your end users.