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Xata is a serverless data platform for modern web applications

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Xata Setup Guide
Deploy your Netlify app built on Xata



Xata provides an intuitive and scalable relational database with a powerful real-time search engine, vector database and ChatGPT integration built right in.

Using Xata with Netlify abstracts away the complexity of databases, exposes your data through a type-safe developer experience and enables you to focus on what matters most, building great products.

Use Cases

Intuitive and scalable database

  • A relational database that’s as simple to use as a spreadsheet and automatically scales up (and down) with your usage. With full-text search and vector search built right in, you have all your data needs covered to build the next big thing.

Build with confidence and collaborate with your team

  • Plug right into your development workflow and automatically create a new preview branch of your database for each pull request. You no longer need a staging or development environment as you build. Each preview branch copies data over from production so you can iterate without impacting your users (or managing multiple environments).

Schema migrations made easy

  • Migrate changes made in your preview branch to your production database with zero downtime. Xata protects your production database by blocking the merge of a pull request if there are conflicts or errors with a migration.