Open Source Plan Policy

Netlify loves open source! To show our commitment, we’ve created an Open Source plan to enable projects working on open-source-licensed software to host websites containing information directly related to the community around that software. Our Open Source plan has the same features and limits as our Pro plan, with the addition of free unlimited team members.

To qualify for the Open Source plan, a project must adhere to the following criteria:

If you feel your project meets the terms of this policy, please fill out this form for our review.


Sites qualifying for the Open Source plan might include content such as documentation, change histories, issue trackers, blogs by the development team, and similar auxiliary information. The Open Source plan is intended for projects that welcome open collaboration and reuse of their software and potentially their associated content.

Good examples of projects with the type of site we are targeting are:

The Open Source plan is subject to Section 6 (“Free Usage Tier”) of the Netlify Self-Serve Subscription Agreement. In the event that we discover sites that do not appear to be about open-source-licensed software and/or do not have a link to Netlify, we will inform the site owner of the observed mismatch. If no response is received, we will downgrade the plan after providing notice.