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Netlify and the Jamstack helps Contentful teams build and deploy modern web projects faster, simplify workflows, and scale effortlessly. Talk to an expert today about integrating Contentful and Netlify.

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Nael Khan

With the Netlify & Contentful integration...our non-technical teams can make changes in Contentful that automatically kick off deploys on Netlify. They can change things in production whenever they want without any developer intervention. That automation has been key.

Nael Khan, Engineering Manager, Frontend, Gemini

Freedom for Content Writers and Editors

A Perfect Pair

Connect your content in Contentful with Netlify’s static site building, hosting, preview, and deploy functionality. The app removes the need to navigate between platforms, giving editors full control of everything from previewing to deploying changes.

A Seamless Workflow

Content writers and editors can trigger Netlify builds with one click in the sidebar, then track the progress and the latest changes made from within the web app.

Netlify + Contentful = better together for enterprise-grade web deployments

Streamline Workflows

Built-in CI/CD, domains & DNS management, automated previews of every commit, and designed to work together as part of a seamless Git-based developer workflow.

Collaborate Better

With just seconds of setup, the Netlify platform provides teams everything to take modern web projects from the first preview to full production

Get to Market Faster

Create amazing web and mobile experiences in record time—reducing time to publish from weeks or months to days.

Deliver Top Notch Digital Experiences at Scale

Powerful Integration

Users can trigger and manage builds of a Netlify site right from the Contentful web app

Enterprise Ready

Fully managed, multi-cloud infrastructure; Unified team and project management; Advanced security, compliance and identity

Native Support for Modern Frameworks

Including Next.js, Nuxt, Vue, Gatsby, Angular, Eleventy, and more

Trusted by 2 Million + Developers

Modern CI/CD for frontend teams; Scalable functions for back-end tasks

Deploy at Scale

Global network for delivery; Fast, resilient, and ultra-redundant; Personalize at the edge

Lightning Fast Page Load Speeds

Headless e-commerce; Corporate websites; Brand microsites; SaaS

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