Netlify Composable Web Platform

Unlock the benefits of the composable web

Netlify Create

Visual Editor Layer

Click, edit, publish

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Netlify Core

Frontend Cloud Layer

Build, preview, deploy, & scale

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Netlify Connect

Data Source Layer

Unify content & data sources

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Built for the Enterprise

The Netlify Composable Web Platform simplifies content orchestration, streamlines and unifies developer workflow, and enables website speed and agility for Enterprise teams.

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Freedom to build anything on Netlify
  • Faster web content load times
  • Future-proof your web stack
  • Higher developer productivity
  • Do more in less time with Netlify

A single platform to manage any web stack

Built for Architects, Developers, and Marketers, the Netlify Composable Web Platform is supported by the world-class Netlify Partner Ecosystem, Enterprise services, and Enterprise-grade security to provide your teams with a single solution to manage any web stack.

Netlify Composable Web Platform

Data Source Layer


  • APIs
  • Abstraction layer
  • Future-proof
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Frontend Cloud Layer


  • Build
  • Deploy
  • Run
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Visual Editor Layer


  • Personalization
  • Visual editing
  • Risk-free updates
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  • Partner Ecosystem
  • Enterprise Services
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Services

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Unparalleled orchestration and speed

The effects of streamlined orchestration go beyond the web team

Non-technical team members can make website updates and content changes in real-time, without developer oversight or navigating a never-ending ticket vortex.

Deploy faster than ever

Netlify facilitates the combination of a decoupled web stack (frontend, backend, and data layer) in a single workflow, unlocking speed to innovation to build and deploy websites faster than ever.

The Netlify platform is at the center of building composable architectures through multiple layers of orchestration:

  • Web Operations

    Deploy websites in seconds with fully managed cloud infrastructure and streamlined workflows for ultimate team productivity.

  • Collaboration

    Bring teams together in a single platform that increases organizational transparency, efficiency and leads to better engagement, teamwork, and business outcomes

  • Marketing enabled

    Empower all teams to make no-code visual editing changes to webpage or applications in seconds

Collaborate and ship faster

  • 10
    Faster project deliveries
  • 92
    Better performance
  • 72
    Reduction in developer hours
  • 65
    Reduction in bandwidth consumption
  • 65
    Cost savings

Enterprise Partners

  • 99.99%

    Uptime SLA

  • 24x7x365

    Technical support

  • GDPR


  • SOC 2

    Type 2 certified

  • ISO 27001



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