Three Steps to Move to the Modern Web

A modern web architecture has huge upside for site speed, user experiences, and team productivity. But while the benefits are clear, moving from complex legacy architectures to a more modern, microservices approach can feel overwhelming.

In this step-by-step guide, Netlify experts will walk you through how to migrate web apps incrementally, so you can make the most of the modern web with low risk (and stress).

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What You’ll Learn From This Book

  • The core benefits to a microservices approach to web apps.
  • How an incremental migration works, and the tools and processes you'll need in place to begin.
  • How to work with your site stakeholders to migrate pages at your own pace, and start taking advantage of modern web approaches today, without undergoing an "all-or-nothing" migration.
Rick Takes

As we’ve moved to a modern Jamstack approach utilizing Netlify we’ve seen impressive improvements in site performance and conversion rate, while also increasing our engineering velocity.

Rick Takes, Director of Engineering, Spring