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How Contentful Builds Performant Sites at Scale

Wednesday, October 20th at 10:30am EDT

How do the teams that power the Jamstack actually use the Jamstack? In this engaging fireside chat, developers from Contentful walk us through how their team builds Contentful’s web properties, using their own product along with Netlify & Gatsby.

Jani Komulainen, Contentful’s Manager of Marketing Web Development, and Moritz Guth, Senior Manager of Web Marketing, sit down with Nelson Diallo of Netlify to discuss their very own implementation of Contentful, Gatsby, and Netlify, and what the Jamstack helps them achieve.

In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn:

  • The architecture and systems developers use to implement the Jamstack
  • How the Contentful team quickly spins up new web properties--complete with CI and served from a CDN — with little to no reliance on DevOps
  • Contentful’s rapid development workflow, which utilizes Netlify’s Github integration as well as the Contentful + Netlify integration for speedy content updates
  • The business impact of deploying Contentful’s Jamstack sites to Netlify

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Presented by

Nelson Diallo

Presented by Nelson Diallo

Account Manager Team Lead

Moritz Guth

Presented by Moritz Guth

Senior Manager of Web Marketing

Jani Komulainen

Presented by Jani Komulainen

Manager of Marketing Web Development