Lightning fast Sitecore sites

These days website performance cannot be an afterthought. Search engines use performance as a factor when calculating rankings. Visitors abandon sites that are slow to load.

Frontend Developers and Marketing Operations Teams at organizations worldwide are using Jamstack architecture to speed up innovation and deliver faster web experiences to their customers. Yet, organizations that have technology investments in Sitecore face unique challenges to deploying Jamstack static sites:

  1. Sitecore Personalization hurts performance as site visits increase
  2. Web performance benchmarks aren’t being met
  3. Time to market for site changes is long due to a complex project model
  4. Hosting and infrastructure costs increase rapidly as the business grows

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Challenges and benefits of Jamstack with Sitecore
  • How to enable Jamstack on your existing Sitecore sites
  • Demo: How to set up Sitecore Personalization that performs
  • A project timeframe and scope for building your first Jamstack site on Sitecore

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Presented by

Lars Birkholm Petersen

Lars Birkholm Petersen


Sarfaraz Rydhan

Sarfaraz Rydhan

Director Business Development