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Building for the Modern Web With Netlify

Best Practices for Incremental Migrations

Adopting a modern web architecture helps your team quickly, safely, and effectively deliver better performance from your websites and applications, and more productivity from your teams. But migrating from legacy, monolithic architecture to a decoupled, micro-services approach can feel daunting.

In this fireside chat, Bhavana Srinivas and Chris Hannaby, Senior Solutions Engineers at Netlify, take you through common migration patterns, and what teams need to consider while migrating to the Jamstack. They'll help you see how, with a migration to the Jamstack and Netlify, that massive make-or-break migrations where features freeze for months as your entire application or site moves to a new platform are a problem of the past.

In this on-demand webinar you'll learn:

  • The benefits of migrating from monolithic, legacy web platforms to the Jamstack - a more modern web architecture - with an incremental approach
  • How to engage stakeholders, and ensure everyone is bought in
  • What teams need to consider while migrating from a legacy stack to the Jamstack, including avoiding common pitfalls
  • Your checklist for migration, including headless content management systems (CMS), static site generators, front-end frameworks, and building and hosting the site.

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Presented by

Bhavana Srinivas

Presented by Bhavana Srinivas

Senior Solutions Engineer

Chris Hannaby

Presented by Chris Hannaby

Senior Solutions Engineer