Netlify Web Leaders Series Episode 1: A conversation with Rob Kristie of Medallia

Thursday, January 20th at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT

Leaders of web development teams today face a myriad of challenges - from improving site performance to hiring and retaining top talent, and managing day-to-day workflow efficiencies. In this series, we talk with Web Technology Leaders working with Netlify to build a better web.

In this Episode: Zee Yoonas, CRO at Netlify, speaks with Rob Kristie, Global Head of Web Development at Medallia, about his experience working with Netlify. Since migrating from WordPress, Medallia has achieved 50 percent better Core Web Vital Scores with Netlify High-Performance Edge. The team has seen additional benefits to developer experience and workflow, speed to build and release new web properties, and even positive impacts on hiring and onboarding new team members. Rob calls Netlify the “easy button” of web development.

Listen in on this conversation full of insights where you’ll learn more about:

  • How web leaders like Rob spearhead organizational change and develop strategies for modernization of web properties
  • What the speed of build and deployment offered by the Netlify platform means for large enterprises like Medallia
  • How using Netlify on the Jamstack helps with recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new web developers in today’s challenging hiring market

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Presented by

Zee Yoonas

Zee Yoonas

Chief Revenue Officer

Rob Kristie

Rob Kristie

Global Head of Web Development