The Jamstack Ecosystem Delivers for Large Scale Commerce

After 100 years in the business, Hilding Anders is passionate about the importance of sleep. And now their development team can sleep easier, since they’ve begun to modernize their websites to a modern Jamstack architecture and deliver more performant sites, faster. Their shift to a more agile B2C e-commerce architecture leverages a best-of-breed ecosystem including Uniform, Netlify, BigCommerce, and Contentful.

In this on-demand webinar, Hilding Anders CTO, Tomas Krag, joins Uniform's Principal Sales Engineer, Christian Bennich, and partner agency Kruso's CTO and Partner, Niels Brinko, to share how e-commerce brands are getting to market faster, with best in class customer experiences.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • The architecture and ecosystem Hilding Anders and other leading ecommerce companies use to implement the Jamstack
  • How the Hilding Anders team can now quickly spin up new web properties--complete with CI and served from a CDN--with little to no reliance on DevOps.
  • How Uniform’s DXP solution helps Hilding Anders helps developers focus on building out the stack while empowering marketers to build, launch and iterate digital experiences without submitting a ticket
  • The business KPI improvements of deploying Jamstack sites to Netlify, utilizing workflow improvements like the Netlify + GitHub and Uniform + Netlify integrations.

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Presented by

Samara Donald

Samara Donald

Senior Director, Enterprise and Partner Marketing

Christian Bennich

Christian Bennich

Principal Sales Engineer, Uniform

Niels Brinko

Niels Brinko

Chief Technology Officer and Partner

Tomas Krag
Hilding Anders

Tomas Krag

Chief Technology Officer

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