We’ve Gone Composable. Now What?

In this partner webinar with Commerce Layer's Founder, Filippo Conforti, and Netlify's VP of Partnerships & Ecosystems, Steven Larsen, learn what it takes to build a fully composable e-commerce experience using the concept of "progressive decoupling" as a game plan for where to start.

Part of progressive decoupling is understanding the atomic units of e-commerce that are required to power any digital store. The webinar will discuss the basics required in any e-commerce experience such as:

  • Storefronts
  • Content and catalogs
  • Checkouts
  • Payments

When built together as a composable stack with each microservice independent from the other these tools enable e-commerce teams to optimize their development teams and processes. Register now and learn what the next phase of composable commerce looks like!

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Presented by

Filippo Conforti
Commerce Layer

Filippo Conforti

Founder & CEO

Steven Larsen

Steven Larsen

VP of Partnerships & Ecosystems