What is Product-Led Growth?

Product-Led Growth (PLG) is all the rage right now. But why and WTF is it anyway?  We all have products after all, so is this really a new and innovative growth model or just another Silicon Valley hype?

Listen to this on-demand presentation with Netlify’s Advisor, Elena Verna, as she breaks down the framework behind the PLG model and explains what the hype is all about.

Also discover:

  • The market evolution that put a spotlight on PLG
  • The Product-Led Growth model - with pretty diagrams :)
  • Introducing PLG to your business - do's and dont's
  • + an interactive Q&A

Watch the webinar

Presented by

Elena Verna

Elena Verna

Product Data + Netlify = Growth

Experimentation and iteration are at the heart of product-led growth strategy. PLG companies like Twilio, Apollo and Gremlin are turning to Netlify and the Jamstack to build React-based SaaS products, customer portals, docs and marketing sites. Netlify provides the workflows and high-performance Edge network to help their teams collaborate and ship faster, while delivering the best user experience to their customers.
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