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Headless E-Commerce + JamstackImproving Performance & Conversions

E-commerce is booming, and while data and personalization are key revenue drivers, few things have as much impact on your conversion rate, search engine rankings, and bottom line as site speed and performance. But as sites also become more dynamic, performance optimization is becoming increasingly complex.

That's why many top e-commerce brands and retailers are moving to a headless architecture using the Jamstack.

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What you'll learn from this eBook:

  • How, by choosing the right architectural approach, you can increase conversions by 20% or more
  • How to construct an e-commerce headless architecture with the Jamstack, including architectural diagrams and technical explanation
  • How two different online retailers have utilized headless architecture and the Jamstack to deliver optimal customer experiences while maintaining best-in-class site performance
  • And more

Netlify delivers business value

The Jamstack modern web architecture (based on JavaScript, APIs and Markup) enables businesses to build responsive websites and applications that load faster, are always-on, and provide instant, highly performant functionality for customers.

  • Developer Productivity

    Speed up the development process with major workflow improvements and communication options for development teams.

  • Cost Savings

    Save more than 65% on web projects by reducing infrastructure overhead and maintenance of legacy systems.

  • Velocity

    Deliver new web projects 10x faster and iterate quickly with no monolithic code base or infrastructure to manage.

“Netlify empowers our engineering teams to launch websites and campaigns in minutes with no-ops, a goal that has often been a pipe dream in our industry.”

Photo of Justin Watts Engineering Director at Loblaw Digital
Justin Watts
Engineering Director, Loblaw Digital

Loblaw is Canada's largest retailer