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Netlify Scope of Support

Get the most of out of our services by understanding the differences between standard and expanded support.

Standard vs Expanded Support Scope

A few sensible limits to the usage and configurations we can support.

Feature Standard Scope
(included at all support levels)
Expanded Scope
(requires a custom contract)
Deployments basic deployment functionality debugging your code used during deployment
Netlify Forms used as described in our documentation usage via API or debugging your own code
Netlify Identity used as described in our documentation usage via API or debugging your own code
Netlify Functions used as described in our documentation usage via API or debugging your own code
Load/Security Testing none full load/security testing (requires 1 week advanced notice)
Troubleshooting Custom Code none consultation available

How we offer support

All customers have access to the Netlify Support Forums for support. Team-level support add-ons give access to private support with guaranteed response times. To receive support for situations under the expanded scope in the table above, you can add a custom service contract for advanced support services at extra cost.

Netlify primarily provides support for our web service, CI environment, and our command line utilities (netlify-cli and netlifyctl).

We may be able to advise about related services and third-party software used with Netlify like the open source Netlify CMS, Contentful, Yarn, or Cloudinary. However, we do not offer the same level of support for these items as we do for core Netlify features and cannot promise bug fixes, customizations, or debugging of a remote service.

To obtain support, you can fill out the Support form and follow the prompts.

Required best practices

Netlify's CDN works best when it is used directly without firewalls, proxies, or other CDNs in front of it. Your sites should have DNS configured as described in our documentation. We may require you to reconfigure your sites and DNS per our recommendations before we can assist with networking issues.

Limits on our support

  1. Base functionality of Netlify's build and deploy pipeline is supported, but we cannot help you debug any source code used either during build or after deployment. We'll be willing to help troubleshoot any build failure that you can confirm in our build image when well-configured, and we'll guide you in debugging the behavior of your site at a very high level.
  2. Netlify's other services such as form handling, Identity, Git Gateway, Functions, and prerendering are supported when used as described in our documentation. We will assist in deployment and activation issues and point you to resources that can help you troubleshoot your usage of Netlify's features. However, a custom contract is needed to get support for advanced API usage or debugging any code you write to access our services. Custom service contracts are available at additional cost and will have their own support terms and conditions.
  3. Load/security testing and migration support require advance notice of one week. We must agree to the scheduling and a custom support contract is required.
  4. Custom code requires a contract for services.