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Unveiling: Netlify News

News & Announcements

Unveiling: Netlify News

Best practices on building, deploying and maintaining websites is changing tremendously fast right now. Therefore it has always been one of our goals as a company is to provide plenty of compelling, useful material for our users to choose from.

Publishing blog posts several times a week we’ve found that creating the content is indeed something our team loves. Recently, we’ve added a podcast where we discuss with developers how they’re working with the JAMstack, and a Site of the Week feature where we showcase exciting projects using Netlify, including open source projects with billion+ downloads and some of the best digital agencies in the world.

Keeping all this content organized for you was a different matter, we wanted to make this content more digestible for followers of JAMstack and the modern web, thus, ‘Netlify News’ is born. With a flow more akin to a publication, you should find this much easier to navigate the resources the team has put together for you.

![netlify news](/v3/img/blog/Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 2.00.48 PM.png)

On Netlify News you will find our different content initiatives:

  • Guides & Tutorials

  • Blogs

  • Case Studies

  • Podcasts

  • Designers Corner

  • External links

We hope to explore this concept further in the future and maintain a knowledge base that keeps you all on the cutting edge of modern web development through our own content as well as external resources. If you find something that’s missing, an external link, a guide, or any other resource — please email us →, thank you for the continued support!

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