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An Open Source Tale

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An Open Source Tale

You may or may not have heard, Netlify loves open source. In fact, we recently built a page completely dedicated to our open source efforts. In our minds, open source is an integral part of our DNA as a company and our founding team reflects that.

We believe in a new way of building websites that delivers better performance, higher security, a lower cost of scaling and overall a better developer experience. This vision has a git-centric frontend, an API economy and enables truly CDN based sites. Millions have already begun the process to this revolution, the JAMstack, but we still need even more people to educate others and keep the momentum going.

Crazy in Love

At Netlify, we like to practice what we preach. On our open source page you’ll see half a dozen open source projects we’ve created and currently maintain.

You’ll also see projects we actively contribute to in the JAMstack space. This includes projects like Apache Traffic Server, Docker, and site generators like Hugo, Roots and Jekyll.

We appreciate (and understand) the time and energy open source projects demand. Projects like Yarn, Lodash, Middleman and Serverless have already found their home on Netlify. Awesome right?

\ Where we could use some lovin’

We’ve made our own attempts at furthering the JAMstack category. We’ve recently launched a number of open-source projects: a CMS, a playground to test configurations, and four small APIs for Commerce, Comments, Subscriptions and Authentication.

However, this journey has just begun. It will take initiative from the community to bring about new standards and innovation to modern web development. We hope very much that if you find value in any of these projects you will share what you think could be better, or claim it and run with it!

Thanks in advance.

We’d like to thank those who’ve already started contributing to our open source projects and to those of you who feel inclined to do so in the future.

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