Ep. #9, Shifting WordPress to the JAMstack Featuring Shinichi Nishikawa & Daniel Olson & /

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Brian Douglas posted this on February 23, 2017

In the latest episode of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Daniel Olson, Lead Developer at J2 Design and Shinichi Nishikawa, WordPress enthusiast and key reviewer in WordPress.org’s Theme Review Team.

They discuss Shifter, an interesting new use case for serverless. Shifter is a serverless WordPress hosting solution. Upload your WordPress site and Shifter pre-renders and serves all the HTML files via CDN. Listen in for details on how Shifter works to deliver better speed and security for WordPress sites.

Brian Douglas is a Developer & Advocate at Netlify.

Shinichi Nishikawa is a WordPress enthusiast and organizer of WordPress Bangkok Meetup group & WordCamp Tokyo 2012. Shinichi is an avid blogger and a key reviewer in WordPress.org’s Theme Review Team.

Daniel Olson is Lead Developer at J2 Design, a Philadelphia-based team of strategists & designers helping organizations evolve and create impact. Prior to J2 Design, he worked as Designer & Developer at Paragraph Inc, a marketing and advertising agency.

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