Ep. #12, FaaS and the Benefits of Serverless Featuring David Wells & Ryan Scott Brown & /

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Brian Douglas posted this on May 2, 2017

In the latest JAMstack Radio we discuss common use cases for FaaS and break down the cost benefit of using a service like Lambda instead of a more traditional server. Ryan Scott Brown also discusses the main players in the space with me and some of the vendor lock-ins you should expect across the spectrum when using FaaS.

Brian Douglas is a Developer & Advocate at Netlify.

David Wells is a full stack javascript developer at Serverless Inc. and previously founded Inbound Now, a company that provides open source marketing software. Before Inbound Now, David consulted with hundreds of companies helping them implement conversion optimization strategies..

Ryan Scott Brown is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat and member of the Ansible core team. Ryan loves working with large, unpredictable systems. Scaling, load balancing, and graceful failure handling are his favorite classes of problems

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