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Contentful and GitHub help make JAMstack_Conf a reality

News & Announcements

Contentful and GitHub help make JAMstack_Conf a reality

We will soon be hosting JAMstack_Conf, the first conference dedicated to discussing the JAMstack ecosystem and this powerful modern way of building for the web.

We've been looking forward to this for a while, and are incredibly excited by the speakers who will grace the stage to share their expertise.

It's the conference that we've been waiting for!

Events like this are only possible with the generous support of a whole host of people. Sponsors often get thanks on stage, but sometimes they bring much more than just an injection of funds to get the event rolling.

The two platinum sponsors for JAMstack_Conf are GitHub and Contentful. And we couldn't be more thrilled that these two companies are so invested in the success of the JAMstack.

But why them?

It is important to us that the sponsors for the event are a good fit. Beyond being a web development conference, JAMstack_Conf is focussed on communicating what we see as a new wave in web development. Some fresh thinking with the casting off of some legacy norms.

We've seen that many companies have begun to embrace this. And momentum is building. With that momentum, more and more companies are contributing to the JAMstack ecosystem. Bringing valuable tooling and resources which you can use as part of your next web development projects. Helping you to move further away from old, monolithic approaches.

Both GitHub and Contentful embody this brilliantly.


GitHub provides so many opportunities to establish more powerful, more resilient, more confident workflows. And ways to collaborate. At Netlify, we have designed many of the web development workflows to be based on familiar and proven Git conventions (rather than reinventing the wheel). While our platform is not coupled to GitHub exclusively, their ongoing innovation and their popularisation of collaboration on top of Git fits so beautifully with our way of thinking. We are delighted to work closely with them.


The content management space is crowded. With increasingly more people observing that decoupled or headless content management can be both liberating and effective. Contentful have been at the forefront of this initiative for several years. Their tireless work to demonstrate that there is a better way to approach web development and content infrastructure makes them a huge enabler for the JAMstack.

The team at Contentful has also been pursuing a wide range of clients and project types. Demonstrating time and again, that the JAMstack is not only for blogs, documentation, and brochureware. But ready and able to also deliver large scale projects for big businesses with greater efficiency, agility and control than before.

We are beautifully aligned.

Not only, but also

For these reasons we could not be more excited that both Contentful and GitHub are supporting this event. And that they will be with us to share knowledge in lunchtime workshops during the conference.

They will form a valuable part of the conversation about the possibilities and opportunities with the JAMstack. We know that you'll enjoy talking to them both.

We are also grateful to all of our other sponsors who see the possibilities of the JAMstack as we do, and who are helping to make this event possible.

We couldn't do this without you.

Join us, and them, on October 29th and 30th in San Francisco for what we think will be a great event. There are bound to be fascinating conversations on and off the stage.

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