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Netlify and bandwidth

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Netlify and bandwidth

The big news today is the launch of Netlify Large Media, powerful new functionality that allows you to manage large assets in your Git repositories, just like code.

Coupled with the release of better asset management, we thought it was a good opportunity to bring clarity to our bandwidth packaging and overages.

All Netlify plans include generous amounts of bandwidth, but now you can purchase even more bandwidth to fuel the growth of your websites.

Included bandwidth

For our non-enterprise customers, the plan you are currently on determines the amount of bandwidth provided:

  • The Free plan now includes up to 100GB of bandwidth per month
  • The Team Pro plan now includes up to 400GB of bandwidth per month
  • The Team Business plan now includes up to 600GB of bandwidth per month

Bandwidth metering—you have time before charges apply

For Netlify customers, we are providing 30 days to monitor your usage before any bandwidth charges will be applied.

You can always see your bandwidth usage in the Netlify Dashboard.

Purchasing extra bandwidth

Extra bandwidth can be purchased in blocks of 100GB/mo for $20 each. Starting in April, these charges will automatically be applied as you consume bandwidth beyond your plan limits.

You can also upgrade your account for more bandwidth along with more functionality. See our pricing page for details.

Sensible, fair pricing for bandwidth will allow us to continue to develop and scale Netlify’s powerful workflow and platform for modern websites. We continue to be amazed and what you are building and can’t wait to show you what else we have in store.

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