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By Ingrid Epure & David Wells in News & Announcements

Increasing the memory capacity for Netlify Functions

Almost a year and a half ago, we released Netlify Functions, our method of building and deploying serverless functions. We are proud to support hundreds of thousands of functions that have been created since.

Today, we want to encourage you to be even more creative with running on-demand, server-side code, by increasing the functions memory capacity from 128MB to 1024MB 🎉 !

With this change, workloads with a heavier memory footprint such as image or video processing, event streaming, logging, data analysis or even running Headless Chrome in Netlify Functions become exponentially easier.

We can’t wait to see what you are going to build!

As always, if you have any other custom needs regarding memory or execution time limits, we would love to hear from you!