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JAMstack conference, San Francisco 2019 - the JAMstack at scale

News & Announcements

JAMstack conference, San Francisco 2019 - the JAMstack at scale

One year and 2 additional conference dates after the inaugural JAMstack conference in San Francisco last year, we’ll be returning with another edition, and we think it might be the best one yet.

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The plan had been to hold the conference once a year in San Francisco. But after last year’s conference, the JAMstack community around the world spoke up, and so we added New York and London to the conference calendar. Both were amazing, with an increasingly enthusiastic and informed audience. And both have fed into the energy and anticipation of JAMstack_conf San Francisco 2019.

Look who’s talking…

Some speakers and topics for 2019

We’ve wanted to keep the themes of the event focussed, but not so narrow that attendees would not discover something new or unexpected. This is a web development conference exploring the growing capabilities and opportunities available with modern web browsers, and with a focus on the possibilities of the JAMstack approach, both from a workflow and from a business impact point of view. This year, we’ve expanded the program to cover two full days, followed by an additional workshop day.

Our main themes are:

  • Modern browser capabilities and development techniques.
  • Cultural and organisational impacts and opportunities for the JAMstack.
  • Community and ecosystem growth and adoption.
  • Business cases results and examples from real-world executions.
  • The JAMstack at scale – how large companies and enterprises can successfully employ JAMstack techniques.

You can see a detailed schedule of the speakers, talks and workshops on the conference website, but here are a few of speakers and their talks to give you a sense of what is to come.

Tammy Everts, Speedcurve

A foremost expert and source of knowledge about why, when and how to approach web performance, Tammy will talk about performance budgets. This important tool in the effort to improve site performance, no matter the stack, is easy to pay lip service, but often difficult to successfully adopt. We’ll learn a lot.

Justin Watts, Loblaw

As part of the engineering team at Loblaw (Canada’s largest food retailer), Justin has been instrumental in their adoption of JAMstack architectures and approaches. In this talk we’ll get to hear details of how and why they chose to explore replacing their more traditional infrastructure, where it was successful and what challenges they encountered and overcame along the way.

Teddy Sherrill, RBI

As CTO of Restaurant Brands International (the organization behind brands like Burger King, Tim Hortons, Popeyes and many more) Teddy oversaw the company's journey to re-platform on the JAMstack in order to improve their speed of delivery, reliability and efficiency. His talk will share many aspects of this journey and include the results and lessons learnt along the way.

Mandy Michael, Seven West Media

An incredibly creative and respected developer from Perth in Australia, Mandy has demonstrated beautiful applications of responsive typography. Her stunning examples have been featured and cited by many other presenters in web development conferences, and Mandy will share with us emerging techniques in web fonts and typography with potential to impact performance and aesthetics in our sites. Expect to be surprised by what a humble font can do.

Chris Coyier, CSS-Tricks

Chris returns to JAMstack conf after his incredibly well received talk at the 2018 event (well worth a watch, along with all the others!). Chris is the founder of CSS-Tricks, one of the most respected and beloved online resources for modern web development techniques, and his enthusiasm and energetic presentation style is infectious and fun. Curator of sites like The Power Of Serverless, Chris has kept a keen, but pragmatic eye on the rise of JAMstack, and will offer invaluable perspectives.

Nicole Sullivan, Google

Renowned for her work on improving the web platform, Nicole pioneered approaches to architecting performant and maintainable CSS with OOCSS (Object Oriented CSS). After her work as an engineering manager at a number of technology companies she has emerged as a leading voice in strategies for UI frameworks and architectures. At Google, Nicole is Product Manager for Frameworks and will talk to us about how modern frameworks can impact and influence our approaches to developing for the modern web.

Ire Aderinokun, BuyCoins

Cofounder of BuyCoins, a crypto-currency exchange for Africa, Ire is a Google Developer Expert who has been sharing her considerable frontend development knowledge at conferences around the world. Until now Ire has not presented in the US so we are thrilled that she will join us in San Fransisco. A prolific contributor to open source projects and the development community, Ire has a wonderful knack for explaining complex or innovative concepts and will share some creative uses of tools like Headless Chrome and Cloudinary to add additional dynamism to pre-generated sites.

Shawn Erquhart, Netlify

Shawn leads the Netlify CMS project. This open source project provides a content management interface as a React application based on top of Git APIs. Shawn’s experience in leading this community project and architecting this type of headless CMS lends him fantastic perspectives into the growing JAMstack ecosystem and the increasingly popular adoption of headless CMS. We’ll hear about how this approach works and the various advantages and limitations which can help to inform our project architecture decisions for content managed sites.

Zach Leatherman, Filament Group

A walking repository of information about web font loading techniques and performance, Zach is also the creator of the Eleventy static site generator. He brings wonderful insights into valuable web principles and will share techniques for self publishing, owning your content and embracing the indie web.

Katie Sylor Miller, Etsy

Katie’s wonderfully engaging presentation style makes otherwise dense materials approachable. Her side project, “Oh shit, git!?!” teaches the fundamentals of Git in a human and effective way. She brings expertise in version control techniques and also insights about migrating her popular site to adopt a JAMstack approach. Lessons from the real world abound.

Dave Rupert, Paravel

As lead developer of the well respected and prolific Paravel agency based in Austin, Dave has had experiences with a broad range of technical architectures and approaches. He has considered and discussed many aspects of these in his numerous conference talks and also on the ShopTalk Show podcast which he co-hosts with Chris Coyier.

Dave and Chris will close the show for us with a live recording of ShopTalk Show which is bound to be a fun-filled, but thought provoking discussion about web development and the considerations surrounding the JAMstack.

And much more!

…the list goes on with even more speakers who we can’t welcome to the JAMstack_conf stage!

We’ll also have lightning talks from members of the JAMstack community and announcements from people working at vendors and suppliers in the JAMstack ecosystem. We’ll have an agency breakfast to get into the details of how agencies can harness the power of the JAMstack on their projects and with their clients. There are also in-depth workshops available:

And on top of all of that, the JAMstack Meetup SF community will host a set of lightning talks and a mixer on the night before the conference. Sign up for that and see more details on the meetup page.

Get involved

With all this, and so much more at this year’s JAMstack_conf in San Francisco, we’ll hope you’ll join us. There is not long to go, so get your tickets while you still can.

(Psssst! And if you are part of a team, it's worth knowing that there are discounts for packs of 3+ tickets.)

Whether we see you there or not (but we hope we will), you are also most welcome to join the growing community of JAMstack enthusiasts and meetup groups in the official JAMstack Slack which will have a channel for information for attendees of this and every future JAMstack_conf.

See you soon!

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