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Announcing Jamstack Conf Virtual Schedule and Registration

News & Announcements

Announcing Jamstack Conf Virtual Schedule and Registration

Jamstack conf virtual announcement

Let’s talk about web scale.

The core promise of the internet from the start has been information equity: the idea that science, technology, commerce and society all benefit when anyone can build and share resources that everyone can access.

Traffic patterns of the global internet population changed overnight as the world began to grapple with the impact of COVID-19. Employees, families, students, and citizens searched for important updates and a sense of connectedness while newly sequestered at home. And while high-speed access is prevalent in some geographies, families in other areas share a single smartphone on metered bandwidth.

The need to get information online and iterate quickly, and the ability to access information from any device and connection speed has never been more clear than in recent months, but we've tackled these issues in the past with government initiatives and other critical infrastructure. In this special edition of Jamstack Conf, we'll explore these topics, including the pragmatic role played by developers, devops and the web.

We'll also cover the future of Jamstack for many use cases, including new innovations, demos and case studies. If the Jamstack can power critical infrastructure for real-time tracking, governments and healthcare systems, there's no question about reaching enterprise scale and use cases. Join us May 27-28 to be part of the conversation. Registration is FREE and now open.

Schedule: Wednesday, May 27, 14:00-21:00 GMT +1

Keynote speakers

  • Christian Nwamba, Microsoft
  • Matt Biilmann, Laurie Voss, Netlify
  • TBA

Lightning launches

  • 3 companies in the Jamstack ecosystem will demo new features and projects. Stay tuned to find out who!

Lightning talks

  • Managing Diabetes with the Jamstack
  • Selling tickets without servers. Or frameworks. Or cookies.
  • The Business Side of the Jamstack

Schedule: Thursday, May 28, 13:00-16:00 GMT +1

Workshops TBA

Jamstack survey

During the Jamstack virtual conference, we’ll share the results of the most comprehensive Jamstack survey to date. We’ll learn about Jamstack use cases, scale, technology choices, frustrations and benefits. Take the survey today to make sure your opinion is represented!

Registration & sponsorship

We’re also pleased to share registration for Jamstack Conf Virtual will be FREE and we look forward to bringing together the global Jamstack community for this special edition of the conference. We’ve also substantially reframed our sponsorship opportunities for the virtual conference. The platform we’re using, Hopin, has some innovative ways for sponsors to interact with attendees to share their products, engage in conversations and learning. Sponsors who commit to sponsoring Jamstack Conf San Francisco (October 2020) will also receive a substantial discount. If you already showed interest in sponsoring Jamstack Conf London, we will be in touch right away, and if not please sign up for more interest about sponsoring.

A note to those who submitted for the Jamstack London CFP

We had an incredible 125 submissions to the CFP for Jamstack Conf London of very high quality. Because we’ve consolidated the schedule for this virtual event, we will be pushing those submissions forward to Jamstack Conf SF, October 6-7. If you are interested in giving your presentation for a virtual Jamstack meetup in the meantime, please contact, as we are keen to coordinate with global Jamstack user group leaders to connect them with great content.

Register now to join the event – we look forward to seeing you online May 27-28! We will announce more speakers, sponsors and workshops in the coming weeks.

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