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Seven JAMstack Podcasts We Love

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Seven JAMstack Podcasts We Love

In honor of International Podcast Day, we thought we'd share a few JAMstack Podcasts we love!

P.S. Wondering what JAMstack is? Check out and read Modern Web Development on the JAMstack!

JAMstack Radio (link)

jamstack radio cover art

This Heavybit podcast is hosted by Brian Douglas of GitHub (and formerly of Netlify) and is the longest running podcast dedicated to the JAMstack!

Episodes to check out:

HTTP 203 (link)

http203 cover art

Jake and Surma recently gave an incredible talk at JAMstackConf taking a standard JS app and adding running the gamut of web performance best practices, from adding static render, to massively improving the time to first render, and time to interactive. Their chemistry was no surprise to fans of their podcast (it's also on YouTube!), which hilariously references an obscure status code for Non-Authoritative Information!

Episodes to check out: (link)

syntaxfm cover art

In the words of Wes Bos, "don't listen to them"? Just kidding, we are big fans of Wes "Barracuda" Bos and Scott "El Toro Loco" Tolinski, who have taught hundreds of thousands of developers to code and share the same passion we have for helping JavaScript developers learn and deploy JAMstack sites and apps! To quote Scott: "Stop faffing about trying to decide where to host your site and host with the easiest platform on the planet, Netlify !" We couldn't agree more.

Episodes to check out:

Fullstack Radio (link)

fullstackradio cover art

A podcast for developers interested in building great software products. Adam Wathan is a developer-designer-indiehacker extraordinaire, who apart from being a big deal in the Laravel Community, teaching thousands of developers how to improve their UI design, and creating the leading utility-first CSS framework, TailwindCSS, also cares a great deal about web performance and alternative full stack architectures!

Episodes to check out:

Ladybug Podcast (link)

ladybug cover art

An all lady-hosted tech podcast for all developers by Emma Wedekind, Ali Spittel, & Kelly Vaughn about code & career, and of course the site itself is hosted on Netlify!

Episodes to Check Out:

That's My JAM...stack (link)

jamstack cover art

That's My JAM...stack is a podcast "examining the best of the JAMstack community" by Bryan Robinson. It's a newer podcast but already accumulated a great deal of notable guests!

ShopTalk Show (link)

shoptalkshow cover art

Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert's long running show on all things web development of course covers the JAMstack, on which Chris recently gave an incredible talk on how "front-end" developers are increasingly becoming "full-stack"! Chris, anything else you'd like to say...?

Episodes to Check Out:

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