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Netlify expands pricing options: More value for developers and enterprise teams

News & Announcements

Netlify expands pricing options: More value for developers and enterprise teams

At Netlify, we’ve pushed hard to make web infrastructure both simpler to reason about and less expensive to scale. And, the simplicity of the Jamstack is how we’ve believed the web should work. Today we’re excited to launch new, simplified pricing that we hope will make our services even more accessible. Now you can get all our Pro features for as little as $19/month and we’re launching a brand new Business plan that starts at just $99/month. Importantly, now you have a full range of simple plans, priced per team member so you never have to buy more than your team needs.

The ecosystem of Jamstack developer tools has experienced a flurry of innovation, some of which we’ve cataloged on and And the 950,000+ developers and businesses on Netlify are doing really diverse projects—everything from small personal blogs to large dynamic web apps, like ecommerce sites and SaaS products, that drive core business outcomes at global enterprises.

We’ve been working with you to support this fast moving landscape with a platform to develop, build, and deploy all of your Jamstack sites and web apps. We hope these changes to our pricing provide even better value—lowering friction as you get started and helping your team develop web sites and apps even faster as you do more and more with the Jamstack.

Changes in pricing and plans

In the past, we’ve priced Netlify in a combination of ways, including by team members and around how much infrastructure you need—bandwidth, build capacity, and so-on. Now the Netlify packages are designed around the premise of helping you ship responsive, secure, and resilient sites—faster.

Our new plans do a better job of connecting the price you pay to the value of the Netlify workflow for developers, both individually and as a team. The most notable changes include:

  • A lower price entry for our Pro plan for individuals or small teams at $19/member/month.
  • A new Business plan that you can purchase right from Netlify’s website, giving you access to enterprise features for just $99/member/month.

We’ve done away with the old packages to make things simpler and more cost effective: instead of the old $45 for the Pro plan + a per seat price for each additional member, now you just pay $19 for each person who is on the plan. Start at one member and grow at your own pace.

Our new Business plan is an even bigger difference: instead of paying a minimum of $1,500 for a custom Business plan with our most advanced security and productivity features, now you can pay $99 for each member of your team that uses it. Or if you need to work with us directly on a custom contract and be invoiced, we still offer an Enterprise plan that custom packages products and seats.

Here’s the breakdown of Netlify’s new pricing structure.

Starter – No big changes here. This is still free to get started and everything you need to give Netlify a try, from local development and continuous deployment to advanced edge logic. In fact, we’ve made this plan even better by letting you add as many collaborators as you like!

Pro – This is for developers with smaller sites and teams running Jamstack in production. It comes with email access to the Netlify support team, site password-protection, 7-day log history, Slack and email notifications, and more. But now, instead of paying a minimum of $45 to get started with Pro for up to three members, you can get started with just one member for $19.

Business – Now it’s possible to get the best of what Netlify has to offer for $99 per member. For developers with larger sites and teams, this gives you access to single sign-on (SSO), role-based access control, self-hosted GitHub Enterprise support and GitLab support, free unlimited use of add-ons like Forms, Functions, and Analytics, and an option upgrade to Netlify’s high performance Build and Edge products.

Enterprise – Finally, Netlify’s Enterprise plan is a custom plan that we design with you, for your organization. It includes all of the features and infrastructure in the Business plan, the mix of seats and high performance Build and Edge products you need, plus custom contract invoicing, early help with validating your architecture as you get started, and ongoing contact with your designated account manager.

netlify pricing plans

New features for Business and Enterprise

To really drive home the value of developer productivity and collaboration in the Business and Enterprise plans we’ve added some enhancements and bundled in a few existing features that used to cost extra.

Advanced Team Security

For those who are new to the Business and Enterprise plans, you will get full access to our Advanced Team Security product with single sign-on, unlimited audit logging, and identity services for enterprise web properties and applications.

Support for self-hosted GitHub Enterprise and GitLab

Today we announce support for self-hosted GitHub Enterprise and GitLab implementations. This means you can now connect your site to a repository on a self-hosted GitHub Enterprise or GitLab server and get full access to Netlify’s workflow and features.

self-hosted github or gitlab repo setup

You can learn more about self-hosted GitHub and GitLab on our blog.


Business and Enterprise users will now also get unlimited access to Netlify Analytics on all of your sites, giving you data captured directly from our servers. The information is presented in the context of the Netlify workflow, to give you a better picture of overall performance.

We’re focusing on adding even more developer productivity features in future releases.

If you’re using Netlify today

We understand that changes like this take time to digest. If you’re on a plan today with Netlify, you can immediately make a change to a new plan, or stay right where you are for now. If you chose to stay on your current plan, then on your billing cycle date in November 2020, your account will automatically transition to the new plans. Starter will stay on Starter and Pro will stay on Pro.

Current Enterprise plan customers (formerly referred to as the Business plan) will remain on their current subscription until your renewal date in the next 12 months. Contact us if you have questions.

The new Netlify

We’re incredibly excited for what this change represents for Netlify—a focus on products and features that drive developer productivity and collaboration. To learn more about our pricing, visit


Q: I am on the free tier and want to upgrade – how do I do that?

A: Login to Netlify and head over to your team’s billing page from the main menu. As an owner of your team, you can click “Change Plan” and make the desired changes at any time.

Q: I am not sure what the best plan is for me. How do I get more information?

A: Depending on your team and project, there are many ways to get started with Netlify. You can try things on your own for free, and move up each plan as your team or project grows. You can learn more at to see what features and capabilities fit your needs best.

Q: My account is on the Pro plan today. What happens now?

A: Nothing changes for you until the end of your billing cycle November 2020, when your plan will automatically be updated to the new pricing. To change your plan ahead of schedule, you can head over to the billing page from the main menu. As an owner of your team, you can click “Change Plan” and make the desired changes at any time. You can learn more at

Q: Why would I move from the Pro plan to the new Business plan?

A: Netlify’s Business plan offers collaboration, security and compliance for teams running business-critical websites and web applications. It also removes all the fees and caps associated with Netlify per-site add-ons like Serverless Functions, Forms, and Identity. The new Business plan adds:

  • Single sign-on
  • Role-based access control
  • Support for self-hosted GitHub Enterprise and GitLab (NEW)
  • Free, unlimited use of Add-ons such as Identity, Functions, Forms, Large Media, and Analytics.
  • Unlocks the option to upgrade to High Performance Build, High Performance Edge, and Premium Support

Q: Why would I choose to purchase the Enterprise plan, which starts at $1,500, when I can get the Business plan for $99 per member?

A: A few differences between the Enterprise and Business plans exist depending on the your team and needs. For the Enterprise plan, $1,500 is the minimum spend for a custom combination of seats, high performance Build and Edge products, premium support, and infrastructure. All of these items can be purchased à la carte with the Business plan for the same price.

However, Enterprise plan customers also receive onboarding assistance, such as security and architectural reviews, custom contracts and invoicing, a Data Processing Agreement, and ongoing infrastructure testing such as load testing and pentesting.

Q: I am an existing Business customer. What happens now?

A: Your plan will continue to work as usual. At contract renewal, you’ll work with Netlify to move to the new Enterprise plan. Contact sales for more information.

Q: Who can help me if I have more questions?

A: Our community is always a great place for general questions. If you are a current customer and have any concerns about your billing, feel free to contact our support team at If you are new to Netlify you can contact

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