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By Netlify in Case Studies

How Fostr used Shopify and the Jamstack to power e-commerce on Victoria Beckham Beauty

Victoria Beckham Beauty website

Victoria Beckham Beauty engaged Fostr, an e-commerce agency, to create their online store. They wanted a premium, bespoke customer experience to match their brand.

The project had an ambitious timeline of just 3 months for its design and implementation, and needed to accommodate some very specific design requirements, as well as deliver an efficient shopping experience.

Fostr’s extensive experience as a Premier Shopify partner positioned them well to leverage the considerable power of the Shopify platform, but as the project progressed, they took a bold move to re-imagine their planned technical approach in favor of a Jamstack approach with a decoupled architecture.

It achieved a faster digital experience on Netlify to create high-performing sites. As a part of Netlify’s Agency Partner Program, Fostr noted:

“Victoria Beckham Beauty, a luxury clean beauty brand, engaged with us to create their online store. We wanted to create a high-performing site that offered us flexibility. We adopted a Jamstack approach with a decoupled architecture on Netlify, integrated with Contentful and services like Shopify Plus. With Netlify, our speed of development increased, and we were able to iterate more quickly and collaborate much more closely with our clients at Victoria Beckham Beauty.” – Mark Stewart, chief technology officer, Fostr

This case study explores some of the technical choices and the motivations behind them. And, details some of the results and insights that emerged along the way. Learn more:

Victoria Beckham Beauty web story on Netlify

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