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Introducing The Jammies—award nominations now open!

News & Announcements

Introducing The Jammies—award nominations now open!

"The Jammies" awards debut at Jamstack Conf

We’re excited to recognize innovative projects, new products and community organizers who are pushing the Jamstack ecosystem forward with the first “Jammies” awards ceremony—happening at Jamstack Conf, October 6th.

Nominations are now open, and the deadline to submit your nominations is Wednesday, September 30th, so don’t delay!

Jamstack Conf emcee Phil Hawksworth will announce the winners live on October 6th—and you guessed it—there will be some fun prizes and plaques to go along with these awards!

Register for free to attend Jamstack Conf and hear the winners live.


The Jammies awards categories

Outstanding community organizer\ Let’s recognize an outstanding community organizer who has helped grow the community of Jamstack enthusiasts, share knowledge and create a safe, welcoming, and constructive forum for all, especially as the pandemic has changed the way we connect and meet up.

Social impact award\ We’ve seen the Jamstack community step up this year to support many causes, from health crises to social justice. Let’s recognize a project or team who helped deliver valuable and important resources for the betterment of society.

Jamstack web app of the year\ Following closely to our theme for the conference, the Jamstack is not just an architecture for static sites, it’s changing the way we deliver software via the web. We want to highlight projects that are pushing the boundaries of the Jamstack to deliver full-service or “fullstack” web applications.

Disruptive product or service\ The vendor ecosystem and open source communities are driving innovation for the Jamstack and modern web. This award will recognize a disruptive and outstanding product, service or project in the Jamstack ecosystem that has changed the way we build websites and apps.

Nominate yourself, or someone else!

You can nominate yourself, your colleagues or esteemed community members. The nomination form is brief, but be prepared to share a link to the project and a short description for why you think the person or project is worthy of recognition. Any stats or anecdotes greatly appreciated!

The deadline for nominations is Wednesday, September 30, so make your nominations now!

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