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By Tara Z. Manicsic in News & Announcements

WordPress and The Jamstack - There is No Versus

We’ve been hearing all the buzz around the community about people’s perceptions of the Jamstack. Through all the great and not-so-great we realized there may be a decent about of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) out there surrounding the Jamstack. On the newest episode of Remotely Interesting, we realized we should try to help clarify some things surrounding the Jamstack and the ecosystem. AND we brought in some serious reinforcements! For this episode, Matt Biillmann, joined us. Who better to help us learn about the Jamstack then someone who helped coin the term and the architecture itself?

In this episode, we talk through the different aspects of the Jamstack that stood out to us in comparison to our work with more traditional monolithic architectures. We also got to listen to Matt’s journey through different architectures which lead him to the evolution of the Jamstack. All through these discussions, we try to shine the light around features of the Jamstack that may be misunderstood.

As always we hope you find the podcast, Remotely Interesting!

episode image for remotely interesting episode 6