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Introducing Netlify Technology Partners: Helping Enterprises Build Better Jamstack Sites

News & Announcements

Introducing Netlify Technology Partners: Helping Enterprises Build Better Jamstack Sites

Today we celebrate and announce the Netlify Technology Partners Program for enterprise technology vendors working with Netlify to bring the Jamstack architecture to more enterprise web teams. More organizations than ever are looking to Jamstack and Netlify to push the limits of their website performance and team productivity. Our technology partners play an important role in realizing these outcomes. Companies including Algolia, Auth0, Contentful, GraphCMS, Kentico Kontent, Magnolia CMS, Prismic, Sentry, Snyk, Storyblok and Uniform are amongst those already working with Netlify.

Netlify Technology partners directory logos of main partners

In addition, today we have launched an Enterprise Technology Partners Showcase. The showcase offers developer teams a way to discover Netlify Partner solutions and approved integrations and resources to use the partner’s technology with their Netlify projects. Enterprises looking to build Jamstack sites can be confident that their use cases are well supported on Netlify with these trusted partners. Contact us directly from the showcase to learn more.

Customers already extending Jamstack on Netlify with partner solutions

In a Jamstack redesign of their documentation site, Rackspace Technology worked with Netlify to improve their team’s efficiency with intuitive developer workflows and selected Algolia to improve their site’s search functionality. With both solutions in place, Rackspace Technology’s customers now have a faster site experience and see better search results.

"At Rackspace Technology, we migrated our technical documentation platform from a custom in-house system to Netlify and we chose Algolia to provide search. With the move to Netlify and Algolia, we saw dramatic improvements in build times and performance, plus much more relevant search results. We are delighted with our partnership, and our customers are seeing the benefits of these best of class providers." -Robb Romans, manager, Information Development team, Rackspace Technology

Outfit7, a multinational gaming and entertainment company, is working with Netlify and Sentry to build their mobile web applications, all while shipping frequent updates. They set up the Sentry Netlify Build plugin and installed Sentry’s application monitoring tool, which helped the team prioritize what issues to fix based on user impact.

"The most noticeable for us was an average of 3 hours per week saved in terms of performing deploys, setting up configurations and maintaining infrastructure. For a small web dev team, this has a huge impact." -Primož Bevk, senior IT strategist, Outfit7

Today we celebrate the momentum of what we’ve accomplished so far and set customers up to do even more with partner solutions.

A faster web with Netlify, the Jamstack, and our partners

Netlify is at the core of the Jamstack ecosystem and we partner with technology vendors that help customers unlock advanced use cases on the Jamstack. Organizations that use Netlify and our partners’ proven solutions can launch more websites and campaigns, have higher website uptime and performance scores, and have engineering teams that are empowered to ship code more often.

Netlify’s commitment to a collaborative Jamstack ecosystem means we create integration points for all headless CMS providers, e-commerce providers, and API services to work on Netlify.

  • Earlier this year we added Netlify Build Plugins to make it easier for developers to add partner capabilities to CI/CD pipelines and production sites, all from the Netlify UI. Our directory of plugins has doubled since launching in May. We have seen the growth of new plugins created by Netlify, partners, and the community.
  • Netlify Functions have been available since 2018 and proven to be useful for a variety of customers. We recently launched longer running Background Functions and we’re excited about Edge Handlers, as more ways to help broaden the use cases that partners can enable for Netlify customers.

The Technology Partners Program is the next step in how software vendors integrate their service with Netlify and promote joint solutions to more than 1,300,000 developers in the Jamstack ecosystem. It joins the Netlify Agency Partner Program–a resource launched this year–where digital agencies can work closely with Netlify to help customers build better web experiences. Netlify Technology Partners benefit from a closer working relationship with Netlify, including customer adoption in the Jamstack ecosystem, visibility with Netlify customers, and go-to-market support from the Netlify Partner Team.

"Our integration with Netlify has already benefited customers like Rackspace Technology, making it possible to save countless hours in development. Working with Netlify we are moving joint sales opportunities forward and realizing new customer use cases with the Jamstack. We are excited to continue to work together to drive value for our joint customers via quicker time to value, and faster and more relevant search and discovery capabilities at the click of a button." -Piyush Patel, chief strategic business development officer, Algolia

Technology vendors wanting to learn how to become a Netlify technology partner can learn more here.

Getting started with Partner Headless Services and APIs on Netlify

Netlify partners are experts in a variety of fields, from headless CMS solutions that help organizations manage content, to technology APIs helping teams improve code quality or add search capabilities to their sites, and more. The launch partners in the showcase represent some of the integrations that our customers have requested most. We hope this program and directory can help you find the right partner solution for your next production website.

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