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By Tara Z. Manicsic in Tools & Services

The Jamstack Can Do That! Gated Content, Authorization, and More

Yes, no matter what Phil Hawkworth says at the start of this episode, the statement above is, in fact, truthy. Using the Jamstack architecture allows you to authorize users, gate content, manage subscriptions, and more. In this episode, we talk about some resources from our team and the community that cover different aspects of auth in the Jamstack, and what “auth in the Jamstack” means.

Understand what JSON Web Tokens (JWT) are and how they’ve come to be? Me either, thankfully Jason gives us a great Jason JSON Web Token rundown. We also have joke breaks, talk about the power of redirect files, Netlify Edge Handlers, and helpful information for user authorization.

Here are some of the articles we reference:

episode 4 image

We hope you can tune in and, as always, we hope you find this podcast: Remotely Interesting.