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New Year - New Netlify Support Forums!

News & Announcements

New Year - New Netlify Support Forums!

All are welcome in the Netlify Forums! It’s a new name and new URL, but the same helpful, friendly place to get information and assistance.

Fostering a collaborative and inclusive community has always been top of mind for us here at Netlify. Successful deploys are just as important to us as meaningful interactions and learning moments. We believe the best way to facilitate both is through collaborating and problem solving with the greater community of designers, developers and content managers who use Netlify and need to get timely, helpful information. We've been expanding what we offer to build community through our blog, swag store, podcast, events, Jamstack Explorers, and Netlify Forums.

The community landing page. In the top corner, there is an animated dog in a pilot cap, an animated hamster in a spacesuit, and an animated cat in headphones. All three are smiling. In the bottom third of the image there are six links to get involved. From left to right: Forums, build plugins, swag, events and demos, jamstack explorers, and docs.

The Netlify Forums will keep doing what it does best - being a place for all members of our community to ask questions, answer questions, share knowledge, and get to know each other better!\ \ The Netlify Forums contain our Support Guides, a very robust set of helpful, approachable guides that were written by our staff, as well as focused categories to streamline your search for answers and stay organized.\ \ And if a Support Guide can’t help you - ask a Netlify Pilot for assistance! You'll find them active in the Forums.

Savvy the dog, in her pilots outfit, in eight different poses. Her pilots cap is a brown leather, and she has light blue goggles. She is also wearing a bright green scarf that is blowing in the wind. She is smiling in each pose, and visible on her neck is the Netlify emblem.

\ \ Netlify Pilots are knowledgeable, trusted community members with a deep knowledge of and enthusiasm for our platform, and who assist pros and new users alike. Interested in becoming a Pilot? Contact us for more information by emailing

New feature highlights for Netlify Forums

We are always looking for ways to create inclusive spaces for community engagement. So what are some of the new features of the Netlify Forums? First, (and we know you have been asking for this) we are introducing dark mode as the default view -- creating a more user friendly environment for all of you dark mode fans!

This image contains the Netlify Forums landing page. It is a dark blue page with a light teal box in the top third. The box contains text that reads "welcome to the Netlify Forums" with a search bar below. To the right is Saavy the dog, smiling and saying hello. In the middle and lower thirds are the discussion categories. From top to bottom these are "support, admin, features, and connect." On the left, there are examples of the most recent media shared. For example, "support guide: uninstalling large media."

Secondly, we wanted to make the new Forums as easy to navigate as possible. That’s why we have brought our search feature front and center so you can easily peruse previous posts and find relevant information with the click of a button. It’s likely your question has already been answered by Support staff, Pilots, or other community members! If you’re interested in learning more about the types of support available at Netlify for our different plans, check out our Scope of Support.

Lastly, we have a friendly face joining us. Savvy is our trusty Forums mascot. You’ll see her face around the pages, as well as on the profiles of our Community Pilots.

We are dedicated to fostering a best in class community space for collaboration and problem-solving, and we can’t wait for you to join us. Ready to see more? We’ll see you there!

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