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Netlify Build Plugin of the Week: Cypress

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Netlify Build Plugin of the Week: Cypress

Welcome to our series highlighting Netlify Build Plugins! This week, we’re featuring a Build Plugin created by one of our partners: Cypress. Cypress is an end-to-end testing tool for any frontend framework or website. It makes setting up, writing, running, and debugging tests easy. We love that it’s an all-in-one tool, which means there’s no need to install 10 or more separate tools and libraries to get your test suite setup.

And with the Cypress Netlify Build Plugin, you can streamline your workflow even further. With a one-click install in Netlify’s UI, the plugin runs an end-to-end Cypress test with each Netlify build, so you can ship with confidence without sacrificing efficiency.


Plugin: Cypress Netlify Build plugin
Runs Cypress end-to-end tests after Netlify builds the site
By Gleb Bahmutov
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“Developers love how simple and powerful Netlify is for Continuous Delivery (CD) and hosting. Netlify Build Plugins make that workflow even more powerful. We created a plugin that runs an end-to-end Cypress test at every build. Now anyone can enable this plugin with a click in Netlify’s UI, ensuring quality and confidence with each deploy.”

- Gleb Bahmutov,

Got questions about the Cypress plugin? Netlify’s own Jason Lengstorf is chatting with the author of the plugin, Cypress engineer Gleb Bahmutov, on Thursday, March 18. Register for the webinar to ask your questions live. And if you’re interested in learning more about Netlify Build Plugins, check out our directory of community plugins, or learn how to create your own.

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