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Test Drive Netlify Beta Features with Netlify Labs

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Test Drive Netlify Beta Features with Netlify Labs

The Research team at Netlify has been hard at work with the Product, Design, Engineering, and Developer Experience teams to help improve your overall experience in the Netlify app. Today, we’re happy to be rolling out Netlify Labs, an in-app beta testing area that will help us get even more great feedback from the most important people—you!

Control your experience with Netlify Labs

At Netlify, we’re dedicated to understanding your core experience, pain points, and needs. We distill all of your great thoughts and feedback down into actionable insights for the rest of our internal teams. In the past, we’ve rolled out these new features by doing initial research and validation, and then making the changes public. But, the Research and Product teams are invested in getting feedback earlier and more often. So, Research worked with our Developer Experience and Product team to create Netlify Labs.

Now, with Netlify Labs, anyone can log into Netlify and turn beta features on and off with the click of a button. Want to try out dark mode? Turn it on for your specific user account now. If you’re not enjoying the beta feature you’ve turned on, you can easily turn it off and sign up to give us more feedback on your experience.

Betas will improve your experience because we’re giving more control over to you!

As the Netlify Labs section grows, we’ll add more feedback options so we can iterate even more quickly—all while giving you better control over what you find in your account and how your account behaves.

Ultimately, we want to help you enable the beta features that are most important to you. Because betas are works in progress, they’re meant for testing and may not always work as expected. Therefore, they aren’t recommended for production use. Also, depending on the feedback we get, they may not be rolled out permanently.

Netlify Labs user interface selector

Living our values at Netlify

Netlify Labs is also a way for us to put internal Netlify values into action. One of our company values is that 'the best idea can come from anywhere'. A beta program means that there's an easy way to externally test features and further invalidate our assumptions, all while pulling ideas from across all teams.

Come chat with us and make Netlify even better

Netlify Labs is live for everyone, and we’re excited to hear what you think.\ \ There are even more ways to contribute your opinions and insights to the Netlify team. In addition to the feedback we’ll generate via Netlify Labs, we’re continuing our regular research calls. You can find the link to the sign up form directly in Netlify Labs, or sign up here.

Join the Netlify Labs Research Program

That's it, easy! We're excited to hear your thoughts on Netlify! Want to get started today? Try Dark Mode in Netlify Labs.

Try Dark Mode today with Netlify Labs

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