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Customize your Netlify Avatar In-App

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Customize your Netlify Avatar In-App

If you've deployed on Netlify before, you might have seen collaborators with custom images or even gifs as their user avatar.

It's a great feature to personalize your Netlify account, but until recently, it was only possible to do by hooking your Netlify account to your Git provider, and using the avatar from your Bitbucket, GitLab, or GitHub account.

Netlify is a collaborative platform for all kinds of team members building on the web, from developers to content creators to designers. That means there's lots of Netlify collaborators who don't regularly use Git providers, but still want to customize their profiles. It's unsurprising, then, that folks have been asking us for the ability to change their avatar directly from within the Netlify app.

And now it's here! Any Netlify user can easily upload, add, or remove their avatar directly in the app. We support both still images and gifs, so get creative. Users can configure a custom avatar to display by going to User settings. Select User settings > General > Personal information > Edit settings, then select Upload image. After uploading your image, select Save.

Looking for more information on your user settings? We've got docs for you. Happy personalizing!

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