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Take the 2021 Jamstack Community Survey

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Take the 2021 Jamstack Community Survey

Note: The 2021 State of the Jamstack survey is now closed for submissions. Check out the findings! And, take the 2022 survey.

We’d like for you to participate in the second annual Jamstack Community Survey!

Take the Survey

Are you developing websites and web apps? Are you a developer, DevOps, tech leader, or part of a marketing team building on the web? New or experienced in your role? We want to hear from you.

Jamstack is a general term to describe a web architecture that decouples the frontend presentation layer from the backend business logic. This survey will help us understand who are the people making Jamstack sites? What kind of sites and apps are you building with the Jamstack? And, what are the tools and best practices inside this burgeoning community?

Last year, our survey of more than 3,000 respondents revealed the Jamstack architecture was no longer a new kid on the block. Developers also shared the frameworks they used (and their overall satisfaction with each). This year, we’re asking some of the same questions and some new ones to understand what has grown or changed year over year. You may not even realize what you are creating on the web is considered a Jamstack site or app, so a reminder—anyone working on websites and web apps is welcome to complete the survey. That of course includes newcomers to the community too!

We understand there can be an overwhelming number of choices in the Jamstack and with this survey, we hope we can help the community. Our goal is to give you a sense of the context of what everyone in the ecosystem is up to and where you fit in it. The results may reassure that you’ve made good choices or changes, or help you navigate through current pain points. It can also be fun to find out what everyone’s up to!

In addition to filling out the survey, we appreciate your help in sharing the survey in your networks. If you share the survey on your social media, blog, newsletter, or other related channels, at the end of the survey enter your information and a link to your post to get a special edition Jamstack sticker (limited to the first 1,000 people that request it).

The survey should take just 10 minutes to complete, and all the answers are optional. It will run for the next month. We’ll of course be sharing the results with the community for free online, and at our free Jamstack Conference event in October.

Take the survey right now. Thanks for your participation.

Take the Survey

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