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Nuxt 3 is on the horizon!

News & Announcements

Nuxt 3 is on the horizon!

At today’s Nuxt Nation event, Nuxt fans who have been anticipating the public beta of Nuxt 3 got a preview of what’s in store and a release date to mark on their calendars: October 12th, 2021!

Since the official release of Vue 3 in September 2020, developers have been looking forward to a re-architected version of Nuxt designed to take advantage of optimizations and new functionality.

As expected from the incredible Nuxt team, it sounds like Nuxt 3 will be shipping with a truck full of new features to improve developer experience and performance for end-users. Here’s just part of the list:

  • Smaller core - Nuxt 3 will be 20% lighter than Nuxt2 in KB
  • Faster dev environment - Cold starts will be optimized with dynamic SSR code-splitting
  • Composition API - Nuxt 3 will include native support for the Vue 3 enhancement that opens up new possibilities for code reuse amongst components
  • Native TypeScript Support - Nuxt has been rewritten from the ground up to provide built-in support for TypeScript and ESM with no additional configuration required

Coming soon: SSR support for Nuxt on Netlify

One of the new features coming with this release is “SSR ready” data fetching. Until now, prior versions of Nuxt required a server for SSR, so it wasn’t possible to achieve SSR on serverless Jamstack platforms.

With Nuxt 3, we expect to offer SSR support for Netlify users “out of the box” powered by the combination of Nuxt Nitro and serverless functions.

We’re excited to follow along with the Nuxt team as they prepare for a public beta release later this year.

Until then, you can get started with Nuxt on Netlify today!

Check out this Jamstack Explorers course for a tutorial and deploy your first Nuxt app on Netlify.

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