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Netlify introduces new features and integrations to accelerate app development across teams

News & Announcements

Netlify introduces new features and integrations to accelerate app development across teams

Today we’re incredibly excited to announce a lineup of features and integrations that make it even easier for teams across your organization to use a modern Jamstack approach for every web project. This includes a new Netlify Enterprise Grid plan to simplify team governance, a Jira integration with Deploy Previews to help you gather feedback on your web projects faster, and more. Coincidentally, these new capabilities come at the same time we reach a major company milestone of serving 2 million Netlify developers around the world. We’re humbled to see so many developers building the next generation of web experiences with Netlify.

Team governance made easy

The first bit of news is that we're launching a new Enterprise Grid plan that’s designed for organizations with multiple development teams and includes a package of Netlify seats, features, and capacity to run global web applications at enterprise scale.

In order to better support enterprises with multiple web development teams, we're introducing:

  • Access controlled organizational overview where owners can monitor usage across teams, manage billing and invoices, and configure org-level settings
  • Multi-team management to make it easy to set org-level governance and controls for different teams across your enterprise
  • Dedicated High-Performance Edge and High-Performance Build instances per team to ensure that every web experience is fast and every team is highly productive
  • Business unit-level invoicing with usage details itemized for each team across your enterprise, as well as aggregated usage rolled up for enterprise-wide discounts

With the ability to manage multiple teams under one organization account, it's now easier than ever for organization owners to monitor and set policies for different teams and users. It all comes paired with Netlify's industry-leading security practices, a dedicated 24/7/365 support organization, and reliability guarantees to power even the biggest and most complex enterprise applications.

Please contact Sales or your Netlify Account Manager for details about the new Enterprise Grid plan.

Uniting the Jamstack ecosystem

Jamstack is about creating a better developer experience and a better web. Loose coupling and separation of controls allows for more targeted development and debugging, and gives developers freedom to choose the tools they prefer. This is where Netlify comes in. It’s our job to provide a seamless developer experience that unites all the developer tools, APIs, and services that make up a Jamstack web application.

Here are just a few of the latest exciting updates:

  • Over 2 million developers now choose Netlify for their web projects, doubling from 1 million in just the last year
  • Netlify Enterprise added to the AWS Marketplace so now you can simplify procurement and use your AWS spend commitments to build Jamstack apps and benefit from Netlify's simple developer workflows
  • Framework auto-configuration with automatic detection and configuration of frameworks, so every team gets a native experience no matter what frontend framework they choose.

Improved feedback and collaboration across projects

We're also making it easier for web development teams to collaborate together with stakeholders.

Netlify’s collaborative Deploy Previews enable reviewers to leave high quality visual feedback within a Deploy Preview. Collaborative Deploy Previews help teams collect feedback about frontend development from developers, across teams, and cross-functional stakeholders, like designers and product managers. The convenient tools in the Netlify Drawer help reviewers take screenshots, record animations, test different browser configurations, and then sync feedback with the original pull/merge requests and productivity tools.

This week, we're making two more enhancements to collaborative Deploy Previews that improve support for the productivity tools enterprise teams are using:

  • New Jira integration for collaborative Deploy Previews: Bring reviewer feedback into your developer workflows and streamline your visual QA processes. Now you can create Jira Tasks, Stories, Bugs, and Epics right from Netlify Deploy Previews. Even better, when your reviewers leave visual feedback using the collaborative Deploy Preview tools, that feedback will automatically sync back to Jira, along with helpful browser metadata for faster troubleshooting or to help reproduce bugs.
  • Enhanced GitLab integration with support for self-managed instances: Recently, Netlify launched GitLab support for collaborative Deploy Previews, making it possible to use the Netlify Drawer with GitLab merge requests. However, many enterprise GitLab users choose a self-managed version of GitLab for their teams. That's why today we're announcing enhanced GitLab support for collaborative Deploy Previews, with support for self-managed GitLab instances.

In addition to the new Jira integration, you can also file issues from Deploy Previews to GitHub, GitLab (SaaS and self-hosted instances), Linear, Shortcut (formerly Clubhouse), and Trello.

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