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New team management and improved invoicing with Netlify Enterprise Grid plan

News & Announcements

New team management and improved invoicing with Netlify Enterprise Grid plan

Netlify is making it easier for enterprises to manage multiple teams and monitor usage across different teams in their organization. Today, we introduced a new Enterprise Grid plan that includes advanced organization management capabilities designed to better enable enterprises with multiple web development teams, while providing team-level governance for projects that require the highest level of control and security.

As a part of this announcement, we're introducing a new Organization Overview page in the Netlify UI, where owners can configure org-level settings, as well as automated billing that provides greater detail about individual team usage on monthly invoices.

Together, these changes are intended to make it easier for owners and administrators to oversee and manage all teams, web projects, and billing across your enterprise.

Business unit-level invoicing

For some users on enterprise plans, it can be difficult to keep track of multiple teams and how much is being billed per team. In order to better serve our enterprise customers, we have upgraded our automated billing plan to provide customers with business unit-level invoicing. Instead of receiving separate invoices for each Netlify team, now billing administrators will receive a single invoice per organization, itemized with usage details for every team in the organization.

These changes are intended to increase transparency around individual team usage, and help enterprises anticipate their billing total for the upcoming time period without needing to keep track of multiple Netlify teams and log in / log out of each team account separately.

Legacy customers will be transitioned to the upgraded billing plan as their contracts come up for renewal. Customers should contact their Account Manager if they would like to begin transitioning to the upgraded billing plan sooner.

On the new Organization Overview page, owners can monitor and toggle between teams to manage users or set organization-level governance and controls.

Organization Overview page and multi-team management

Once your organization has transitioned to the new billing plan, you will now be able to access and manage teams from a new Organization Overview page in the Netlify UI. From the Organization Overview page, if you are an owner or administrator, you will be able to oversee and manage all teams, web projects, and billing across your enterprise. You will also be able to edit details on your Organization Overview page, such as your organization's name or logo.

On the Organization Overview page, you'll find aggregated usage metrics for your Netlify organization, and also metrics for each team in your organization, like the number of members per team, amount of bandwidth used, build minutes used, and number of concurrent builds.

What does this mean for Netlify users?

Most Netlify users won't notice any changes at all. These new multi-team management capabilities, including the new Organization Overview page, are exclusive to Netlify's new Enterprise Grid plan.

If you think your organization will benefit from Netlify's new multi-team management capabilities or from having a unified invoice across all your Netlify teams, please contact your Netlify Account Manager or contact the Netlify Sales team.

Do these changes affect Netlify Agency Partners?

These new team management and governance capabilities are unique to Netlify’s Enterprise Grid plan. Enterprise Grid is a new Netlify product suited for mature clients that need to manage multiple development teams outside the agencies they work with, across their different business units. If you have a prospective client that may benefit from these new team governance capabilities, please reach out to your Netlify Partner Manager to discuss in more detail.

For our Agency Partner’s own Netlify teams, we recommend that you follow a pattern of “new client, new account” to get the most out of Netlify. For more tips about managing customer accounts on Netlify, go check out The Agency Partner's Guide to Managing Client Projects with Netlify.

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