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September Changelog: What’s New at Netlify

News & Announcements

September Changelog: What’s New at Netlify

Hi folks!

This September, Netlify announced a major milestone surpassing 2 MILLION developers that choose Netlify to streamline their web development workflows. Before we celebrate Jamstack Conf this week, let’s recap all the exciting updates shipped by Netlify last month.

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New Enterprise Grid plan with team management and improved invoicing

\ Netlify is making it easier to manage teams and monitor usage across different teams in your organization. The new Enterprise Grid plan includes advanced organization management capabilities designed for enterprises with multiple web development teams, providing team-level governance for projects that require the highest level of control and security.

Learn more about Enterprise Grid features →

Announcing Netlify Log Drains for Datadog

\ We’re excited to announce Log Drains for the Netlify Enterprise plan, now providing analysis, alerting, and data persistence for Netlify traffic and serverless functions logs through Datadog. Datadog is only the first integration with a log management solution that we’re planning to announce over the coming months, so stay tuned for more!

Get the details about Netlify Log Drains →

New Netlify Integration for Jira

Now you can create Jira tickets and share feedback to Jira right from Deploy Previews! With the new Netlify integration for Jira, your team can submit new issues to Jira from a Deploy Preview when they discover bugs or want to propose new features. Best of all, you can invite an unlimited number of reviewers for free.

Read more about the new Jira integration →

Other Recent Product Updates

  • Run Gatsby 4 with DSG and SSR on Netlify - Gatsby is breaking free of its static-site generator (SSG) roots and is embracing server-side rendering. In addition to SSG, Gatsby 4 introduces two new render modes—DSG and SSR—letting you balance fresh content alongside fast build and render times. We were delighted to see that DSG follows the latest Jamstack RFC for DPR. Along with the Gatsby community, we’ve been working to ensure that Gatsby 4 will work “out of the box” on Netlify.
  • Netlify Enterprise now available on AWS Marketplace - Now AWS customers can streamline procurement and consolidate billing by purchasing Netlify Enterprise with their existing AWS account and spending commitments. AWS customers can have a single cloud bill in AWS, and there’s no need to set up a new billing relationship with Netlify.
  • Build your own online shop with Next.js and Shopify - When Shopify expanded their Storefront API, Netlify jumped on it with guides for building e-commerce websites using React, Astro, Gridsome, 11ty, Nuxt, and Angular. This latest installment focuses on using Next.js with Shopify.
  • Old root certificate of Let’s Encrypt TLS certificates for custom domains has expired - Netlify uses a service called Let’s Encrypt to automatically provide the TLS/SSL certificate for your Netlify websites that use custom domains for free. On September 30, 2021, Let’s Encrypt’s old root certificate “DST Root CA X3” expired. This expiration may have caused certain browser clients with older operating systems not to be able to load your website.
  • Using files outside of a monorepo’s base directory - Monorepos on Netlify must specify a base directory targeting the package being built. It is now possible to specify a publish, functions, or edge handlers directory outside of this base directory. This should improve support for any type of directory structure your monorepo sites might be using.

To stay up to date on changes like these, head over to the Updates category in Netlify Support Forums and click on your profile icon, then click the bell icon to receive real-time notifications. \ \ Stay tuned for more exciting updates next month!

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