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By Ben Hong in News & Announcements

Nuxt 3 is live in public beta and ready to deploy on Netlify today

We’ve been watching the horizon for Nuxt 3, and the long awaited day is here: Nuxt 3 public beta is live! 🎉

With this release, developers are now able to try out Nuxt 3 with all of its latest features such as:

  • Smaller core – Nuxt 3 will be 20% lighter than Nuxt2 in KB
  • Faster dev environment – Cold starts will be optimized with dynamic SSR code-splitting
  • Latest Vue 3 features – With support for new features like syntax support for script setup
  • SSR Support – With the new Nitro engine, users will be able to achieve SSR support with Nuxt and Netlify

The most exciting thing is you can deploy a Nuxt 3 project on Netlify today with one click!

Deploy on Nuxt 3 on Netlify

Alternatively, if you want to do it yourself instead of clicking the button, all you need to do is run:

# Scaffold your Nuxt 3 project
npx nuxi init my-nuxt3-app

# Change directory in new project
cd my-nuxt3-app

# Install dependencies
npm install

# Run local dev server
npm run dev

That’s it!

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