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New Loom integration for Deploy Previews: Record screen and video feedback about web projects

News & Announcements

New Loom integration for Deploy Previews: Record screen and video feedback about web projects

We’re excited to announce that now Netlify users can record Loom videos right from a Deploy Preview and save as a comment to a Git pull or merge request.

This May, Netlify launched a new collaborative Deploy Previews experience that included the ability to record screen video and save as a GIF in comments. Almost immediately after launching, we started getting feedback from users about enhancing this feature to enable recording user and screen video together at the same time.

In today’s world of remote work and distributed teams, asynchronous video is a great way to share context without scheduling unnecessary meetings or typing up long, detailed comments. We’d experimented with implementing this feature in the past, but when we learned that Loom was working on a new loomSDK for developers we knew it was a perfect opportunity for collaboration.

Now it’s easier than ever for you to leave async video feedback about your web projects using Deploy Previews!

Why async video helps distributed teams communicate better

Deploy Previews enable you and your team to experience changes to any part of your site without having to publish them to production. All you have to do is send a Deploy Preview link and your collaborators will have access to the latest updates.

Now you can cut back on meetings by recording asynchronous feedback with Loom videos. With the new Loom integration, stakeholders can easily provide video feedback right from a Deploy Preview. What previously might have required a formal, scheduled design review over video conference, instead becomes an asynchronous interaction where every collaborator can review when it’s convenient for them.

Even better, Deploy Previews include handy integrations with your favorite project management tools. Everything you need is right in the Deploy Preview, so your team can stay focused on providing quality feedback. You can record a video, write your comments, and save to tools like GitHub, GitLab, Linear, and Jira all without leaving your Deploy Preview tab.

How to enable Loom for Deploy Previews

It’s quick and simple to turn on the new Loom integration. You don’t even need a Loom account to get started recording.

Within a Deploy Preview, click to open the Netlify Drawer (it’s the menu bar at the bottom of the page).

Here’s what you need to do next:

  1. Go to the Integrations tab with the plug icon
  2. Toggle the Loom switch to ‘Enabled’
  3. Close the Drawer and click the Loom button to get started with your first Loom video 🎥

Pro tip: If you enable the Loom for Chrome browser extension, it will automatically unfurl Loom links on GitHub, GitLab, and other apps.

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