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First Look: Announcing API Authentication on Netlify

News & Announcements

First Look: Announcing API Authentication on Netlify

One of the most tedious and frustrating challenges of building for the modern web is generating, managing, and protecting the various authentication tokens and access keys needed for third-party services. Today we’re announcing the availability of API Authentication on Netlify, available as a beta release on Netlify Labs. This feature introduces a streamlined approach to setting up the proper access scopes for third-party services and helps you manage them in a central location. No more clicking around multiple UIs trying to find the right settings tab — now Netlify gives you a unified process to get the right connection permissions for your app every time.

To make it easier and faster for developers to bring services and data into their web apps, we acquired OneGraph. OneGraph allows teams to focus on what’s important: delivering value to customers rather than writing “glue code” for all APIs and services they need to leverage in their web applications. As a first step in this direction, we’ve released API Authentication inside our in-app beta testing console, Netlify Labs.

To start, we’re enabling developers to simplify connections to the following services, and then use their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in Netlify Builds and Functions without having to write a single line of authentication code:

  • Stripe
  • Spotify
  • GitHub
  • Salesforce

To get started, head over to Netlify Labs and enable API Authentication:

Enabling service connectors

Once enabled, the “Settings” tab on the dashboard of each site will show a new section, also called API Authentication:

Service Connectors in the site dashboard

You can authenticate with any of the currently supported services by selecting the relevant scopes and clicking the “Connect” button:

API Services

NOTE: During the initial preview, we’re exposing a subset of services, but we’ll be adding more all the time. If you have a service you need access to, let us know!

You’re done! For each of the authenticated services, you can now access the token in the embedded environment variables - either from the site build, or Netlify Functions.

To learn more about API Authentication on Netlify, you can check out our beta documentation.

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