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On-demand Builders are now generally available

News & Announcements

On-demand Builders are now generally available

Today, we’re announcing that On-demand Builders are generally available as a production-ready feature you can use in all of your Netlify sites!

On-demand Builders are serverless functions used to generate web content as needed that’s automatically cached on Netlify’s Edge CDN. They enable you to build pages for your site when a user visits them for the first time and then cache them at the edge for subsequent visits.

For an awesome example of On-demand Builders, check out this repository that demonstrates how you can use builders to cache the generation of pages specific to a color.

As part of this release, we now support an optional time to live (TTL) that will force your builders to regenerate new content after expiry. This means that, in conjunction with the latest release of the Essential Next.js plugin, On-demand Builders now fully support Next.js Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR). However, you can also leverage TTLs as part of any builders that you’ve written or generated. Check out our latest On-demand Builders docs for more info on TTLs.

We’re so excited to see more of you use On-demand Builders to reduce your build times and to improve the performance of function responses. If you have any questions about or suggestions for On-demand Builders, make sure to hop over to the Netlify forums and let us know!

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