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Feedback and QA for Next.js pages built with ISR/SSR

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Feedback and QA for Next.js pages built with ISR/SSR

Now you can use Netlify’s collaborative Deploy Previews for pages built with Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) or Server-side Rendering (SSR).

Invite collaboration with Deploy Previews

With collaborative Deploy Previews, you can invite your teammates, like fellow developers or non-developer stakeholders, to leave feedback on web pages while your pull request is still open. Using the Netlify Drawer, they can send videos, screenshots and comments directly into the tools where your team works, like GitHub, GitLab, JIRA, Trello or Linear.

You can even use a handy QR code to quickly open a page on your mobile device for testing different viewports without the hassle of typing out long, obscure URLs. And, you can quickly view the logs for Netlify Functions related to your deploy preview without navigating the Netify app UI.

Now available for pages built with ISR/SSR

Until now, the Netlify Drawer with feedback and QA tools would only render on pages that were statically generated. Now this functionality works as expected for pages or content built on the fly with Netlify On-demand Builders. This unlocks the magic of collaboration for pages built with other rendering methods like ISR or SSR, which are popular especially if you’re working with modern frameworks like Next.js.

Go forth and gather feedback

Here’s how:

  1. Deploy a Next.js site, like this Next.js Toolbox template
  2. In your Next.js repo, push up some changes to GitHub/GitLab in a new pull/merge request; this will create a new Deploy Preview that contains your new changes
  3. In the resulting Deploy Preview, visit any page generated with ISR or SSR
  4. Notice the Netlify Drawer shows up on the page
  5. Take a screenshot, leave a comment, and sync that feedback directly into GitHub or a tool of your choosing!

Important to note: Every Netlify plan comes with an unlimited number of free “Reviewer” roles for collaboration. Reviewers are not counted as team members and do not require paid seats for Netlify. Collaborate to your heart’s content!

We’re so glad to extend collaborative Deploy Previews to developers who are using ISR and SSR with frameworks like Next.js. This makes gathering feedback and testing projects in development much easier all around. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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