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Netlify Announces the Evolution of Cloud Platform

News & Announcements

Netlify Announces the Evolution of Cloud Platform

Today, Netlify is announcing that following our acquisition of Gatsby in February 2023, we are taking further steps to unify the Netlify and Gatsby Cloud platforms by taking the best features of each product and combining them into one world-class solution. As part of this product evolution, we are notifying all Gatsby Cloud customers of an end of service date for Gatsby Cloud products and services. That date depends on each Gatsby Cloud customer’s contract and renewal dates, and Netlify is providing direct migration paths to Netlify Cloud for all Gatsby Cloud customers to ensure continued fidelity and operations of all web properties. While this will impact the Gatsby Cloud product, it will not impact Gatsby JS.

When Gatsby JS was launched, it was a groundbreaking framework and its innovative content sourcing truly made it stand out. Gatsby is used by more than 20 percent of Netlify Enterprise customers. We’re committed to the maintenance and innovation of Gatsby JS as an enterprise grade framework, with focus on stability and support for large scale projects. To do this, it’s important to free up our Gatsby specific resources that’ve been spent on the closed source Gatsby Cloud product to keep the framework truly open.

The decision to sunset Gatsby Cloud will allow us to:

  • Free up resources to strengthen and secure the future of Gatsby JS. Earlier this year, macroeconomic climate and its related challenges raised concern whether growth stage companies could fund raise, which meant that there was uncertainty around the future of Gatsby JS before Netlify stepped in to acquire Gatsby Inc. Acquiring Gatsby allowed us to both secure the future of the open source framework and invest in Gatsby’s separate content sourcing layer, now Netlify Connect.

  • Continue to invest in making Gatsby JS the reliable choice for the Enterprise, while still offering an ever evolving open framework for the larger developer community. The team just announced new Gatsby Adapters today, have several updates to React 18 in-progress, and we’re also busy investing in platform primitives for a stronger Gatsby JS (and other frameworks too).

  • Deliver a single cloud product that is the best solution for Gatsby JS and Gatsby customers on the market. Recent NPS scores and customer feedback support that Netlify Cloud is the best long-term solution for all customers.

Our Product and Engineering teams have been working on a Netlify Cloud product roadmap that we are happy to share under NDA with Enterprise Gatsby Cloud customers, Enterprise Netlify customers, and all partners. We are confident access to differentiated features, products, and solutions on the Netlify Platform will provide incredible value to all Gatsby customers.

Below are several resources that will help address many questions you may have on existing and future support of the Gatsby JS framework, as well as existing Gatsby plug-ins and adapter support. We have made slight updates to and plan to continue to update and maintain for future Gatsby JS documentation, resources, news, and content.

Gatsby Support on Netlify Resources:

If you are a current Gatsby Cloud customer and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Customer Support Manager to discuss migration paths, dates, contract options, and roadmap . We have created custom Migration Guides for all customers and our teams are standing by to help. For all Free and Professional Plan Gatsby Cloud customers, if you need Gatsby Cloud migration support, you can open a Gatsby Support ticket. For a quick video guide on how to open a support ticket, click here.

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