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How to access beta features on Netlify

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How to access beta features on Netlify

Very often, companies need a structured way to roll out experimental and beta features to users. At Netlify, this is done via Netlify Labs.

Netlify labs is an in-app beta testing feature that allows Netlify to rollout beta features to users via an opt-in model. Netlify recently announced features like Netlify Graph, Scheduled functions, and the Command palette.

These are all features that bring extended functionalities to developers on Netlify and here's you can start using them.

First, log into your Netlify account, click on your profile icon and select Netlify Labs from the dropdown menu.

Netlify Labs

This should open the Netlify Labs window where you can see all the beta features available on Netlify and enable the ones you'd like to use.

In my case, I've enabled the Scheduled functions feature which means I can use scheduled functions in my Netlify sites in beta.

That's it. Netlify Labs will always be up to date with experimental features you can test at any time and the research team will be delighted to hear your feedback on how they can make Labs even more helpful to you.

And if you're building anything with any of these features, feel free to share it with us on Twitter.

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