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Introducing Private Connectivity

Image with the text: "Introducing Netlify Private Connectivity"

News & Announcements

Introducing Private Connectivity

Image with the text: "Introducing Netlify Private Connectivity"

Everyone wants the fastest websites and apps with ironclad security. Unfortunately, these two sometimes feel like they’re on opposite ends of a tug-of-war. That's why—today—we’re excited to share the launch of Netlify Private Connectivity. Private Connectivity helps resolve that tension while providing some key benefits that satisfy a business’s need for speed and security.

What is Private Connectivity and why does it matter?

Private Connectivity helps to secure the connection between your private systems (databases, CMS, internal APIs) and Netlify’s build and functions environment. Traditionally, to leverage the awesome speed and framework-supported features of Netlify, you might have needed to expose some of those backend systems to the public internet. Private Connectivity eliminates that need, creating a bridge for your data and private systems.

Improve compliance while building dynamic experiences

Whether it's healthcare data, financial records, or other sensitive information, there are industries (and smart business practices) that demand strict data privacy. With Netlify Private Connectivity, you can confidently build amazing web experiences on Netlify and meet those rigorous compliance standards.

Get more from your framework and CMS

Imagine you have a marketing team that loves the power of their composable stack which takes advantage of a modern, headless CMS. They want to leverage the time-based and on-demand revalidation features of their chosen framework that keep your site blazing fast while serving dynamic content. But, your security team cringes at the thought of putting CMS data on the public internet.

Private Connectivity can help teams adhere to security and compliance standards while unlocking the benefits of the Netlify platform. In this new world, developers utilize the latest technologies, your marketing team enjoys dynamic content and websites, and the security team can sleep soundly knowing the solution adheres to best practices and private systems remain private.

How does Private Connectivity work?

When Private Connectivity is activated, your builds and functions run in a separate, more isolated environment. They communicate and send data over a predictable set of IP addresses that you can easily allowlist within your network. It’s like having a private connection from your private systems.

Ready to see more?

Private Connectivity is now available for Enterprise plans. See now we can help you build more securely and confidently. Request a demo and see how you can unlock the power of the Netlify platform without compromising your security posture.

Learn more in the docs.

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